Real life case Studies



V is an older person who visits our centre several times per week. She’s an independent and proud lady with a love for her many cats who keep her company.

Through our interaction with V, we learned that she lived without much support on a very tight budget, and noted she often skipped meals. She wasn’t able to easily get into town or to any local superstores to do a regular, good value-for-money shop and so was spending more of her small income at higher, convenience prices – particularly pet care and food items.

We were able to provide V with a food parcel while we arranged to get her involved in our free transport scheme to the local supermarket. We worked with the store’s community team to have a member of staff available to chaperone and help her handle her items as she shops. 

We encourage V to stay in regular contact with us and always make sure she has a warm drink and a bite to eat whenever she visits, and have worked with statutory organisations to make sure any additional needs at home are being met. V now comes to us regularly for a chat with a smile on her face and a new tale involving one of her beloved cats!



We began to work with Kevin when he was coming into the Sandale Hub meeting people with merchandise that he had shoplifted we began speaking to Kevin to see if we could work with him to try deter him from shoplifting.

When we started working with Kevin he was heavily addicted to drugs and was a constant user of heroin and weed. We began supporting Kevin by him attending the Sandale hub and volunteering his time he was spending using and shoplifting by cleaning and building things around our community hub. Whilst building the relationship with Kevin and keeping him engaged in something positive we started to look into how we could potentially help him get off the drugs and to sort his lifestyle out.

We supported Kevin with attending the bridge drug and alcohol project but after attending with Kevin we realised that they was nothing they could do for him. We continued having him work outside and alongside the animals which he reared and he continued to develop within roles that he was doing as well as personally and the relationships he was building with staff. We also tried to support Kevin to moving in to a hostel that was for ex-users and offenders where he would be drug tested weekly to live there. With this they were no room for him.

Kevin continued using drugs and began shoplifting more and more. Kevin then shoplifted whilst wearing his Sandale uniform as he would be identified by police. Kevin spoke to staff saying that he was going to hand himself into the police so that he would be sentenced for a few months in which he could concentrate fully on getting clean and where they was none of his friends around to encourage him to use.

We encouraged Kevin to hand himself in and we continued communicating him whilst he was doing his six month sentence. A member of staff was writing 2 letters a week to Kevin to motivate him to stay clean and focused whilst being incarcerated. When kevin got released from prison Kevin began attending Sandale again volunteering his spare time so he wasn’t tempted to purchase and take drugs.


Since then Kevin has continued to stay clean from drugs and we have supported him for applying on the steps program in which he applied, we wrote his CV and he was successful within getting a place on the program. Since then Kevin has attending a week of training with the steps program and they are now looking at a six month placement in which Kevin will be employed as a grounds maintenance person